photo Giovanni Morbin
photografer Riccardo Curti
photographer Riccardo Curti
photo Giovanni Morbin
photo Giovanni Morbin
photo Giovanni Morbin
photo Giovanni Morbin
Introduction Cornedo, 26 August 1985
Trace (n° 6 passage). Scale 1: 500, plate n° 2 Cornedo, 10 September 1985
Trace (14 passage). Scale 1: 500, plate n° 3 Cornedo, 15 September 1985
Small road (77 passage). Scale 1: 200, plate n° 4 Cornedo, September 22, 1985
Road that grows - carriageway - too (292 passage). 1:20 scale, plate No. 5 Cornedo, 6 October 1985

Project for the construction of a road

Ballpoint pen on paper, 40 x 0,33 m. per roll.
Galvanized and painted metal table.

Lead the way, go far. Become someone!

I use this metaphor to be able to speak of a gesture conducted in complete solitude. To explain a daily action taken without prior communications and create attention for the event. A behavior consumed far from places of art.
How could I make my way, how could I ever go far, how would I become someone if nobody knows what I do.
I just have to walk, pendulum travel a distance to leave only one trace, that of my passage.

Too bad that this disappears as soon as my foot stops walking that sign obtained by dint of leading the way. The sign becomes a scar and thus remains until the grass grows back concealing every step taken.

Art exists even when you can’t see it!

What remains is the project, 5 rollers drawn in a ballpoint pen and available on a purpose-built table.

There is no photographic or video recording of the action which from the outset was an existing project in the pure relationship between the place and the act of plowing it.